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Getting Started - Adults

Getting Started in CAP... for Adults

This guide is intended to provide you with a "one stop shop" for all of your initial membership needs, from applying to training progression to uniforms and more.  Should you have any questions throughout this process, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Recruiting Officer, one of the squadron Deputy Commanders, or the Squadron Commander.  If you would like to begin this process, but have not yet attended your first meeting, click here for more information.

To download this information in PDF format, click here.

The Application Process

If you have decided to take the leap and join CAP, the first step will be to complete and print out your membership application using this link.  (One item of note for this form is our squadron charter number: MAR-NC-048)  Once this form is completed, please reach out to your original contact person to schedule your fingerprinting session.  This is required to complete the FBI background investigation performed on all members.  When your fingerprinting session is scheduled, please bring the following items with you:

  1. Your drivers license

  2. Your completed Application for CAP Membership (CAP Form 12) printed front/back on a single sheet of paper

  3. Two personal checks; one addressed to "CIVIL AIR PATROL" and the other addressed to "NC CAP"

The two personal checks make up our annual dues structure, which is broken down into two parts: national dues and local dues.  National level dues can be found here (as of March 2019, National level dues are $67.00).  Local level dues for the first year are calculated in using a specific pro-rating formula and range anywhere from $166.00 to $122.00.  Please confirm this with your original contact person before this meeting.

Familiarization with CAP e-Services

CAP's eServices portal - located at www.capnhq.gov - is our online membership services portal.  You will use this portal for everything from recording/updating personal information to reviewing/completing training and qualification tasks.  There are many functions within eServices, but we will cover the basics first.

Click on this link to take you to a PDF guide titled "Senior Member Welcome Booklet".  This guide contains quite a bit of useful information - other portions of which will be referenced later on this page - but for now, proceed to page three for details on how to get set up in eServices.  Complete all steps within the 'Civil Air Patrol Websites" section and stop once you get to the "Civil Air Patrol Uniforms" section.

Customs and Courtesies

Your decision to join CAP reflects a dedication and commitment to support this charitable, benevolent, nonprofit corporation.  As a member of the Auxiliary of the United States Air Force, you are expected to follow the traditions, standards, customs and courtesies agreed to and accepted by the Air Force and CAP.  These apply to all of us and reflect our pride and professionalism as members of the Civil Air Patrol.  Please review this document for additional information on this topic.

Complete 'Level One' Training

Level One training is the first step in the CAP Professional Development program.  This is the introductory course for all brand new members and will provide you with a basic understanding of our organizations history, structure, missions, and other useful information.  If you have already created your eServices account as described above, you may use this link to begin your Level One training.

Get in Uniform

CAP has a wide variety of uniforms available that are appropriate for a multitude of different activities.  Our standard uniforms mirror that of the United States Air Force with minor insignia differences.  Wearing the Air Force-style uniforms require conformance with specific grooming requirements and height/weight standards.  CAP also has non-Air Force "corporate" uniform variants that do not require conformance with grooming requirements and height/weight standards.  Which ever path you decide to take for uniforms, it is expected that you present a clean, neat, and professional appearance at all times.

More information on uniforms can be found in the Senior Member Welcome Booklet.

The Standard Duty Uniform

The standard Senior Member duty uniform for attending unit meetings is the blue CAP golf/polo shirt with gray slacks or tactical pants.  The polo shirt is the only CAP-specific part of this uniform; all other items (pants, shoes, belt) can be purchased off-the-shelf at any clothing store so long as they meet the general guidelines below.  Your initial polo shirt cost will be included in your local dues amount and ordered by the squadron.  A member of the command or recruiting staff will advise you on this.  This uniform is a "corporate" uniform variant and does not require conformance with grooming requirements or height/weight standards.  The following components are non-standard, but must meet the specified general guidelines:

  • Medium grey/charcoal slacks (not denim), chinos, or tactical pants

  • Black shoes/black socks

  • Black belt

Given the versatile nature of this uniform, it can be "customized" depending on the activity you are attending.  As an example: if you are attending an search and rescue training event or flying on an operational mission, you may opt to wear grey tactical pants and black boots.  If you are attending an awards presentation or classroom training, you may opt for grey slacks and black oxford shoes.  The key to remember is that your uniform items follow the general guidelines above.

Obtain the General Emergency Services (GES) Qualification

The General Emergency Services (GES) specialty qualification is the baseline rating required of all members who intend to support our Emergency Services mission, from pilots and aircrew to ground search personnel and mission base staff.  It is a simple, online and open-book exam with ~25 questions.  The GES qualification is intended to provide you with a basic understanding of how CAP functions and also serves as an "agreement" to provide coverage under CAP's organizational liability policy.

To complete this exam, log into eServices using this link.  This will take you directly to the exam starting page.  On that page, you will be presented with two resources to be used during the exam.  Download and review these resources before beginning the exam.  They can also be open in other browser tabs while you answer the questions.  When you finish this exam, it will automatically be recorded in your record; however, it is always good practice to download and save a copy of the completion certificate for your own records.

Complete Aircraft Ground Handling Training

All members are required to review and complete CAP's Aircraft Ground Handling Training course.  This is a short online course that provides the safety fundamentals necessary when working on a flight line and/or around one of our aircraft.  To view the training and complete this exam, log onto eServices using this link.

Begin Individual Communications User Training (ICUT)

The Individual Communications User Training (ICUT) certification ensures that members use the proper practices and procedures when operating a CAP radio system.  Just like GES, this is required for almost any path you take, from air operations to ground and mission base support.  This training is a bit lengthier than the other courses described above, but can be broken down into smaller sessions as needed.  The first portion of this training includes a series of short online videos and quizzes.  To begin these, log into eServices using this link.  There are three separate sections with videos: OP1, T1, and OP2.  All videos and quizzes in each section must be completed.  Once complete, a green check mark will show up next to each header title.  When you have reached this point, your final step is to arrange for a quick in-person practical session.  This should take no more than 15 minutes.  Reach out to your original contact or the Communications Officer to schedule this.  Once that is complete, it will be recorded in your record.

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