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Major (Maj) Alberto Griffa








Major Alberto Griffa currently serves as the commander of the Raleigh-Wake Composite Squadron (NC-048) and is responsible for operational oversight and direction of all unit activities.  Maj Griffa joined the Raleigh Wake Composite Squadron of Civil Air Patrol (CAP) in January 2011. After serving as Information Technology Officer and then as Emergency Services Officer for NC-048, he moved to a Wing Staff position as Emergency Training Officer in 2013. Most recently, Major Griffa has served as Wing Plans and Programs Officer and Assistant to the Wing Chief of Staff.  Maj Griffa has served with Civil Air Patrol in multiple disaster relief operations as Operations Section Chief, Planning Section Chief, as well as an aircrew member in positions such as Mission Observer and Aerial Photographer.

Maj Griffa holds a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Politecnico of Turin (Italy) and is a former Sport Light Pilot (licensed in his home country of Italy).  He is currently employed as a Product Sales Manager for Carl Zeiss, a German manufacturer of optical systems and opto-electronics.  Maj Griffa and his wife, Isabella, have been living in the Cary since 2005 and have two teenagers (Jacob and Alex) and two fantastic dogs (Kate and Ares).

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